Girlhood: Talking to Girls I Know and Love delves into themes of womanhood, familial relationships, and the shared experiences of Latina women.
Girlhood: Talking to Girls I Know and Love 

Girlhood: Animated Film
The animated scenes are inspired by the responses given during the interviews and are accompanied by somber acoustics, reflecting the complexities and nuances of womanhood.
Mi Casita

Miamipedia: Wiki Article Book
Drawing from my roots in Miami, Florida, I delved into the city's rich tapestry 
by exploring its Wikipedia page and sourcing archived images through platforms 
and pages.

Face Rebrand
In my redesign study of Park Jimin’s album release entitled
“Face,” I deconstruct the original identity, infusing it with my personal style to create a new interpretation,

Book Redesign
A redesign of contemporary young adult novels. 
Apple Summer Internship | Available Upon Request

Children’s Book Illustration Exercises
Teenage Heart Throb Series
Conducting a rebranding study involves using pop culture icons as the primary subjects, drawing inspiration from the aesthetics of the Y2K era for a comprehensive understanding of design elements and visual language.

When You Stroll The East Village
Presented and sold at the annual NYC MOCCA Festival, “When You Stroll the East Village” pays homage to my neighborhood of the East Village
Etching, Lithography, Relief